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Photo of the Month

  • skidsprancingdonkey.JPG Photo of the monthThis fire red performance car features a familiar prancing animal logo and is aimed at those with a need for speed, but who live in more congested urban environments
  • John Brett Australia July/August 2017Is this behaviour legal? Photo courtesy of World Highways reader John Brett
  • REO Speed Wagon September 2017The REO Speed Wagon has been on a Journey but has been Ridin' the storm out and Lost in a dream for some time and its Wheels are turnin' only in memory
  • Photo of the month - March 2017 avatar March 2017Engineering analogue speed limits to exact requirements - Image courtesy of Bogdan Schiteanu
  • January February 2017 Photo of the month January February 2017Back to the Future met Ghostbusters on the streets of London recently
  • Skindmarks Photo of the month Nov Dec 16 flood Avatar November December 2016Lovely weather for ducks - image courtesy of World Highways reader John Brett
  • Skidmarks photo of th emonth October 2016 October 2016Road safety measures can help cut crashes, image courtesy of World Highways reader Mike Hughes
  • WH Skidmarks Photo of the month September 2016 September 2016Wide clearance is required for some vehicles - image courtesy of Petra Schwimmbeck
  • WH Photo of the month July August 2016 July August 2016Flat earthers search no more, the end of the world is nigh and clearly marked for your safety with a sign; image courtesy of Bogdan Schiteanu
  • photo of the month June 2016 June 2016No parking on double yellow lines - photo of the month
  • photo of the month May 2016 May 2016Some vehicles are too wide for allotted spaces, others are just badly parked photograph courtesy of Tom Schwimmbeck
  • WH Photo of the month April 2016 April 2016JCB telehander lifts a giant Oscar at Academy Awards ceremony
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