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Vehicle detection app from Nortech

First publishedin World Highways
January February 2019
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Nortech9 7-series image 1.png
The Nortech vehicle detectors offer accurate data recording
Nortech has designed a range of vehicle detectors that can be set up using a smartphone app. This tool can be used to identify the presence of vehicles through an inductive loop buried beneath a road.

The vehicle detectors come with new features and are backed up with a compact diagnostic unit that links to a smartphone app.

This enables quick and easy detector setup and comprehensive loop fault analysis.

Stable and robust, the units offer automatic frequency selection allowing a 7-series detector to automatically select the best frequency setting to minimise noise and maximise signal strength.

A key benefit of the 7-series range is its fast recovery time between one vehicle and the next. The recovery is the time taken by the detector to reset after detection and being ready for the next approaching vehicle. Nortech detectors have a shorter recovery time compared to similar products, which enables them to respond quicker to reduce the possibility of tailgating, loss of revenue and increase the level of security.

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